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Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

Embroidery Set Up Fees and Sew Outs

Embroidery machines require specific file types to be able to embroider a design. This charge covers our costs and time to program your design into the appropriate file type, sew out your new design for your review, and edit your design as needed to reach the best possible embroidery quality.  This is a one-time fee for each logo.  Embroidery files are the exclusive intellectual property of Bergen & Company, Inc. We do not release them – this protects your privacy and our artistry.

A setup fee includes initial sew out and 1 customer change.  Any additional sew outs (other than fixing embroidery issues) after that will be charged $6.50 each.

Screen Printing Set Up Fees

Initially there will be a Set up Fee (screens) for each color of your logo.  If your logo has 3 colors, there will be 3 set up screens.  If you re-order down the road there will be a nominal Reset Fee for each color.

Invoicing and Late Fees

Jobs get invoiced the day they are complete and ready for pick up.  Invoices more than 30 days overdue will be charged a $5 late fee each month until paid in full.  If you can not pickup up your order within 30 days kindly notify us.  

Art Images

Vector art is always best, it is independent of resolution.  These files (.ai, .cdr, .eps, .svg and some .pdf's) contain points, lines, curves and shapes that are based on mathematical formulas. When you scale a vector image file, there's no loss of quality, everything stays crisp.

Raster art (.jpg, .png and some .pdf's) is dependent on resolution.  It is created using colorized pixels. When you enlarge a raster file too much, the edges look jagged and quality is lost.  If you submit raster art, the largest file you have is the best.

Turn Around Time

Our standard turn around time is 2-weeks.  However, if our schedule allows we will run your job as soon as possible.  If we are fully booked for 2 weeks we will let you know that up front.  If you have a tighter deadline kindly let us know and we'll try to accommodate this.


When you place an order we will write up a detailed estimate.  This is the document we will use to produce your order.  As soon as you approve this estimate we will email you an invoice for a 50% deposit.  Once the deposit is made we will begin your order.  For orders of customer supplied items we would only require set up fees be paid up front.  


Embroidery:  Applying decorative designs onto fabric using a needle. These motifs are traditionally rendered in  thread and are composed of different kinds of stitches.  

Heat ApplyUtilizes regulated heat and pressure to bond graphics onto a material’s surface.  Digital printing, cut vinyl and heat transfers are all offered.

Screen PrintingProcess of pressing ink through a mesh screen to create a printed design.  The process is sometimes called silk screening.  

Promotional Products:  Products branded with a logo and distributed at little or no cost to promote a brand, corporate identity, or event.  Informally called swag or freebies.

Banners:  We can print your logo on outdoor lightweight banner material, up to 30" tall and 6 feet long.


Customized items are not returnable.  All sales are final.  Please be sure to review your estimate carefully as this document shows all details related to producing your order.  If we've made an error, kindly notify us and we will take care of it!


We will gladly ship your order!  We can give you an estimate, but final cost will be determined upon actual shipping.

Embroidery Job Size

We run several multi-head machines, as well as several single-head machines, 21 heads in total.  This means we can power through large orders and also have capacity to run single items.  This equates to no job being too big or too small.

Embroidery Pricing Model

Our pricing model takes into account number of stitches in your logo, quantity and time to set up.  Running 1-2 items will have a higher price per item than running 3+.  The more items we run, the lower the price per item.  Running a logo with 6,000 stitches will be much faster than running a logo with 28,000 stitches.  Lower stitch count means lower price.  Setting up includes getting design into the machine, loading thread colors and also folding/boxing at the end.  Spreading this out over more items brings the price per item down.

Wholesale Pricing

We have special pricing for wholesalers who meet volume requirements.  Please email us to discuss if you'd like to have wholesale pricing.

Art Fees

We charge $50/hour, with a minimum of ½ hour.  Art fees apply when work needs to be done to your art to get it ready for production; ie we need to vectorize your supplied art.  Art fees also apply if we are creating art for you. 









Showroom hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday.